Relaxation Drinks

The history of ¬†relaxation drinks starts in 2005 when a group of products were introduced to the market in Japan. Demand for such kind of beverage rose because of increasing stress in people’s daily lives. Relaxation drinks has to decrease stress level which is the main cause of insomnia. They may be carbonated and can be served chilled. The advantage of relaxation drinks that they usually contain more than one active ingredients.

Relaxation DrinksRelaxation drinks usually contain gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA). This substance affects our nervous system by helping to relax and reduce the level of stress. Along with GABA substance the mixture of relaxation drinks can be enrich with L-Theanine and L-Threonine, valerian root. melatonin and kava root. Studies have found that because of the mixture of relaxation drinks they can help people with Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder to focus their attention.

Relaxation drinks market size is increasing on yearly basis. Capitalize on this trend and develop your relaxation drink recipe with us.

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Relaxation Drinks