HighVit Functional Vitamin Drink




Beverage Start-up


United Kingdom

The Challenge

The main idea was to create a line of beverages with three different functions: defense, digestion, and drive. Furthermore, the beverage could not have any artificial colors, preservatives, or sweeteners and added sugar.


The beverage line was created step by step, starting from the concept formulation and function decision. Three different flavors were chosen from the most popular: berry, tropical, and citrus. The product contains dietary fiber, guarana extract, and polyphenols, due to market tendencies.

The Result

Three different flavors have different functions to help people fight the most common health problems. The red beverage has super berries to fight the simple flu, the yellow has tropical fruits to help with digestion problems, and the green ha citrus to fight fatigue. All drinks are filled in 250 ml glass bottles.

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