Private label energy shots

Functional shot drinks are designed to help with today’s busy lifestyles. Whether you need assistance because of your hectic social life, help resisting everyday stress or a kick-start to your fitness regime we have a shot for you. This is a fast growing market in Europe, as the demand for a certain function these days is extremely high!

Certified ingredients

We select the right composition of the certified ingredients, so your will be able to communicate the right claims under the EU law. Just list your preferred effect and we will suggest the possible functional ingredients. We can create the shots that can be listed as supplements or beverages – it is up to you!

Possible functions

* Energy – caffeine based or caffeine free.
* Mental Focus – It can be L-Theanine or Lemon Balm based, as well there are many more certified ingredients for mental performance.
* Weight management – It can be enhanced with calories or used to reduce appetite, it depends whether the consumer wants to gain or lose weight.
* Fat Burners – effective caffeine and L-Carnitine based fat burners would be available for production.
* Protein Shots – for more effective workout, without any heavy feeling in the stomach.
* Vitamin Shots – for ones, who usually forget to have their 5 a day!
* Juice shots – Concentrated juice concentrates with intense aroma
* Relaxation – We are able to use melatonin, valerian root and other ingredients that can calm you down and support the good night sleep.
* And many more, that you can think of!

Private label energy drinks

Private label energy shots