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Production management service includes finding you the best possible solution for your drink production. We will optimize the production chain to lower the production cost for your drink manufacturing. We will choose the best suitable manufacturing according to your requirements. We are working with 30 energy drink bottlers in Europe and Asia and that means that we can offer you the best price-quality ratio.

Custom Flavor Energy Drinks

We are able to develop your own formula for the energy drink! We can create the taste, modify the ingredients and add some extras if you see a potential in it! You can also choose to fill it in different can volumes and PET, Glass or Aluminum Bottles.


Our standard formula is developed to match the most recognizable energy drink taste in the market, so it is perfect for all well known cocktails, presentations, events and the price is flexible enough to make your brand a strong market player!

Energy Drink – with Taurine and Caffeine. High caffeine content (32mg/100ml). Pasteurized. Carbonated

Water, Sugar, Glucose, Citric acid, Carbonic acid, Taurine (0,4%), Sodium Citrate, Caffeine (0,03%), Inositol (0,02%), Vitamins (Niacin, Pantothenic acid, Vit.B6, Vit.B12), Artificial Flavours, Colours: (Riboflavin, E 150d).

Energy: 197kJ (46 kcal),
Protein: < 0,4 g,
Carbohydrates: 11 g,
Sugar:11 g,
Fat: 0 g,
Saturated fat acid: 0 g,
Fibres. 0 g,
Sodium: 0,08 g.

Niacin: 9 mg ( 50% RDA), Pantothenic acid 3 mg ( 50% RDA), Vit.B6 2 mg ( 100% RDA ), Vit.B12 2μg ( 200% RDA).

The product is ovo-lacto-vegetarian, The product is non-alcoholic, It contents no allergens and sulphites, No genetically modified ingredients are used.

Private label drinks
Energy Shots

Some private label energy drinks we have developed:

  • Dragon Brew custom label energy drink in UK.
  • Schorch energy drink for a nightclub in London.
  • BlackPearl energy drink.
  • Newcastle United energy drink in UK.
  • Crystal energy drink in Norway.
  • Re-Fresh custom label energy drink in Poland.
  • MadMan energy drink for Extreme sports club in UK.
  • Schorch energy drink.

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Do not consume with alcohol drinks.

Private Label Energy Drinks Manufacturers – Companies