Beverage Formulation: Ingredients for Custom drinks

Beverages Ingredients

MyDrink Beverages develops and distributes beverages flavor systems, emulsions, flavours, herbal extracts, colours, sweeteners. Our extensive knowledge in beverages flavor systems development, compounds and bases enables us to satisfy most demanding clients.

Fast changing beverages trends are a huge challenge. To adapt to this kind of market situation you need trustful partners who can inform you about new trends, help with your beverage development and be a trustful supplier. MyDrink Beverages offers state-of-the-art, complete flavor systems for all types of beverages.


Beverage emulsions are highly technological, ready-to-use ingredients, responsible for the flavour, taste, colour and cloudiness of drinks. Since they are complex heterogenous mixture of water and oil, there is a predisposition for several technological problems: creaming, stratification, flocculation and coalescence, which can affect the quality of the final drink. We found an elaborate solution to all these problems. By using our own know- how (Long Term Stability System), we were able to develop a complete range of beverage emulsions, characterized by extreme stability, pleasant taste, high cloudiness and resistant colours.

Main advantages:

• Better stability in time, temperature and pH;
• Pleasant and natural taste and flavour;
• Greater cloudiness – delivering greater sense of naturalness;
• highly resistant and soft pastel colours;
• Possibility to contain vitamins A and E, which are normally not soluble in beverages.

Natural formula emulsions

We spot emerging trends and respond to them with unique product concepts. This is one of the main reasons for us to develop new breakthrough clean label beverage emulsions that contain only natural beverage ingredients. Revolutionary idea of our ‘Natural Formula’ is that we managed to replace all artificial weight agents within the emulsions, with a blend of natural extracts. In this way we resolved the most complicated technological problem in the production of emulsions: the creation of a highly stable product, which does not contain the commonly used artificial components such as brominated oils, ester gum, SAIB etc. The final result is a beverage emulsion with great stability, pleasant taste, good opacity and substantial body. Furthermore, the sensory properties of the readymade soft drinks are much clearer and natural on taste, compared to the ones, produced using traditional technology.

Natural formula advantages:

  • No artificial weight agents;
  • No synthetic flavours;
  • No synthetic colouring;
  • Great stability;
  • Еxcellent taste properties;
  • Completely natural product;
  • The emulsions are manufactured in compliance with the Halal and Kosher principles (no alcohol is used for dissolution of the citrus oils).

Beverage Compounds

Central priority of MyDrink Beverages is to make the production of its customers easier, more convenient, predictable and reliable. To facilitate their manufacturing process we have created carefully selected beverage compounds. This relatively new concept is based on highly technological semi-finished products for industrial manufacturing of drinks, which can contain fruit or vegetable juices, herbal extracts, flavours, colouring agents, sweeteners, stabilizers, acids, vitamins, etc. The end product could be completed just by adding a few basic components such as sugar and citric acid.

Main advantages of our beverage compounds:

  • Simplifying the production process;
  • Ensuring unique taste properties;
  • Standardising the end product with respect to flavour, taste, acidity, brix and colour;
  • Providing consistent quality with each production batch;
  • Reducing the possibility of production mistakes to a minimum.

Herbal extracts

We have been successful to optimise the well-known processes of water and water-alcoholic extraction, avoiding the usual issues, associated with this product group. Our newly developed extraction technology, especially adjusted to the specific needs of beverage production, preserves the active ingredients, contained in the plants, without affecting the excellent taste properties of the ready drink. Additionally, the cold stabilization that we apply provides unique transparent appearance, enduring stability in time, and no sedimentation in the final drink unlike traditional natural herbal extracts. Our rich portfolio includes extracts based on a single herb, as well as carefully selected blends, helping consumers’ healthy dietary regime.

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MyDrink Beverages has an impressive portfolio of flavours in various forms, which resemble to a great extent the tastes occurring in nature. In the foundation of our success are our deep emphasis on research and development, continuous surge for improvement and use of modern state-of- the-art technology. This allows us to adjust the flavour profile, carrier and concentration  so that it meets your specific needs and unique taste preferences.


We can offer rich portfolio of natural and synthetic colouring agents. The extensive experience of MyDrink Beverages in creating colouring blends allows us to adjust them to the specific nature of the intended end product. Our tailor-made solutions are made in compliance with local regulations as well as the specifics of the product packaging, manufacturing and market environments.


The ever growing demand for dietary nutrition makes sweeteners very attractive to consumers. We developed the range of combined sweeteners “Polysweet”, which aim to improve the quality of finished products, leaving them with more pleasant and natural sweet taste without extra calories. Utilizing our experience, we were able to find the best proportion of the contained drink ingredients, achieving more natural mouthfeel. With our tailor-made production lines we managed to unify the particle size within our sweetening systems, obtaining a homogeneous mixture, which substantially reduces the possibility of production error, thus ensuring consistent quality in time. The customers of MyDrink Beverages can also rely on the development of custom-made sweetening mixes, designed for their specific taste preferences and market demands. We always aim to follow the highest standards for taste, composition and concentration.

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Beverage Formulation: Ingredients for Custom drinks