Why it is good to outsource beverages production management?

Today we gave an interview to a international beverages newspaper (www.beverageworld.com ). During the conversation journalist asked this question which we had to share with you.

So… Why it is good to outsource beverages production management?

The answer is very simple. Our clients will save time and money working with us. While we are doing all the technical job of sourcing for raw materials, searching for the best possible bottling solution, negotiating the prices our client is empowered to work marketing and sales (doesn’t this part of the business gives the most value for your company?).

Here are our arguments why you should choose this service and why it is good for you:

You will save MONEY:
You will not have to hire a professional production manager which is usually quite expensive;
You will not have to spend money for the salary, taxes, international calls, travelling cost etc.;
You will have the lowest expenses as possible just because you will have a full optimized production chain by our team of professionals who are working with this on daily basis;
You will receive more information than your competitors just because you will be working with professionals;
You will receive the best possible pricing for your product just because we have the negotiation power;

You will save TIME (same as MONEY, isn’t it?):
Your production manager will not have enough experience and knowledge of the local market as we have;
Your production manager will have to spend time for sourcing and negotiating which we have already done;
You will have to be discussing about your project with at least 20  factories at the same time, will you manage to get the best possible pricing without negotiation power?;
You will not be able to get newest price changes, trends or gossip of the industry;
To sum up, leave this to professionals and focus on marketing, sales which give the most value for you!

Author - Adomas Pranevičius

Adomas Pranevicius is the co-founder and CEO of MyDrink Beverages, a premier supplier of functional ingredient solutions to beverage industry . Adomas specializes in beverage concept development, start-up beverage projects, business development and brand building. During his career he co-founded NapNock energy shot, Dragoon vitamin drink, HighVit functional vitamin drinks and Simply Umai beauty drink. He enjoys developing new beverage concepts and generating marketing ideas for them. Currently he is focusing on international expansion of MyDrink Beverages. Adomas is also writing a blog about latest beverage trends and innovations. His insights and ideas have been quoted in BeverageDaily.com, Soft Drinks International, Beverage World and other media sources.