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Beverages Production Management services explained

Beverages Production Management


TURN-KEY Solutions

Turn-key refers to something that is ready for immediate use, generally used in the sale or supply of goods or services. This service enables our clients to save time and money for sourcing manufacturers, bottlers, packaging solutions providers by their self. We will provide a solution where, when and how to manufacture clients product at most cost effective price and quality. We do it faster …

Unique beverages concepts that we create

For each client we create a unique concept for his drink. A lot of them do not see the daylight, however, some of them are too great to put them in a drawer… Even Behance Network for Creative Professionals shared it!

Check out!

Beverages development and production services in one place

Recently we received a lot of inquiries who were asking to explain what do we do and what kind of services do we provide. So I decided to explain this on our blog.

We are a private label beverages development company and we provide two main service which are beverages development and beverages production services.

Beverages Development Services We help our clients during the development of their …

MyDrink UK Sales Team participated in a beverage show in London

At The Pacific Oriental, 52 Threadneedle St, London, UK

My Drink was asked to showcase our new oriental influenced drinks, Namely the Dragoon and our Simply Umai Beauty potion.

The event was held at the amazing Pacific Oriental Restaurant in London and consisted of a mix of companies displaying their products.

The invitees were made up of members of the press, food and drink critics and industry professionals.

We gave …

Ten things to know before starting beverage business

1. First of all, the most important thing is to know to whom you will sell your product before starting a beverage company. You have to see the niche market and you have to understand the consumer. Yes it is good to have a great idea, but will anybody be interested in it?

2. So you know your niche market and you know who will buy your product? It …