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For Sale: Concept of NapNock energy shot

NapNock is a drink concept which is developed by MyDrink Beverages. We are searching for beverage distributors, retailers or entrepreneurs who are interested to launch their energy shot product. Speed up your beverage development process and buy a full ready-made drink solution. Do not waste time for the development of your product!


To make the strongest energy shot for the EU market. It had to be safe …

How to outsource drink manufacturers companies?

There are plenty of reasons why companies are outsourcing their soft drinks manufacturer. For example, they do not have enough resources to launch new filling lines. Some of the factories decide to focus only on one type of product while they outsource the production of secondary products elsewhere. Entrepreneurs do not have enough resources to build a filling line, so they outsource the production while focusing only on marketing …

Private label bubble tea

Bubble tea is also know as pearl tea or boba tea. This type of drink became popular in Taiwan during 1980 – 1985. Usually bubble tea recipe is tea based and mixed with fruit or milk. Bubble teas contain tapioca balls, commonly called as “pears” or “boba”. Generally there are two types of bubble teas: fruit-flavored teas and milk teas. Because of the bobas there is a wide range of …

Food and drink products development services under the same roof

Usually everything starts from idea. It doesn’t matter whether you got it driving a car or in your kitchen. When you test it and receive great feedback from your friends you decide to move forward. What’s next? What should you do?

Food industry is very competitive. Each day dozens of new products are being introduced to the market. To avoid mistakes you have to know the process of food and …

Packaging trends for private label alcohol drinks

In the previous years the PET bottles have accounted for 50% of global soft drinks packaging. This is the most often used packaging solution for the private label soft drinks, however recently it has started carving its niche in a private label alcohol drinks packing. Although this packaging solution still remains in the third place after glass bottles and metal cans it is …

Unique beverages concepts that we create

For each client we create a unique concept for his drink. A lot of them do not see the daylight, however, some of them are too great to put them in a drawer… Even Behance Network for Creative Professionals shared it!

Check out!

MyDrink Beverages services and products presentations

Hello, guys! How are you?

I just wanted add some additional information about our services and products. You can check out the presentations that we have at SlideShare web page.

Just go here http://www.slideshare.net/adomaspranevicius

Beverages development and production services in one place

Recently we received a lot of inquiries who were asking to explain what do we do and what kind of services do we provide. So I decided to explain this on our blog.

We are a private label beverages development company and we provide two main service which are beverages development and beverages production services.

Beverages Development Services We help our clients during the development of their …

MyDrink UK Sales Team participated in a beverage show in London

At The Pacific Oriental, 52 Threadneedle St, London, UK

My Drink was asked to showcase our new oriental influenced drinks, Namely the Dragoon and our Simply Umai Beauty potion.

The event was held at the amazing Pacific Oriental Restaurant in London and consisted of a mix of companies displaying their products.

The invitees were made up of members of the press, food and drink critics and industry professionals.

We gave …

Looking for suppliers of ingredients and co-filling services

MyDrink is searching for new suppliers again! We are currently selecting our potential partners for supplying beverage ingredients or can provide co-filling services in France, Italy and Spain.

We are basically the most flexible and innovative company in the beverage market, so our partners must have the same vision as we have! That future belongs to those, who can adapt and change fast. We need creative and supportive company …