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Ready-Made beverage concepts can save time and money

This interview was published in BeverageDaily.com “Buying ready-made beverage brands saves SMEs money and time”

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To what extent is this approach novel – beverage concept firms developing ideas for brand-led, finished products, rather than simply working to client specifications?

As a beverage development company each day we are facing different type of clients. Usually our clients …

Super!Natural energy drink

MyDrink Beverages introduces Super!Natural energy boost!

Reach for something new, something Super, something Natural – SUPER!NATURAL made from natural ingredients.

SUPER!NATURAL is a delicious energy drink made from natural juices. A fusion of real fruit juices and natural caffeine from green coffee beans and with no added sugar. It is a pure and honest source of natural energy. Check out their website

How to capitalize on beverage trends in 2013

Beverage industry trends are changing very fast and rapid. So, it is hard to keep on track in such a dynamic market. We decided to share our predictions for the future trends in beverage industry. What will be the most trendy drinks in 2013? How we can capitalize on those tendencies?

There are many different types of trend in beverage industry: sweeteners, aromas, top ingredients etc.

In our opinion, beverage …

Tips before starting beverage development


The most important thing is to come up with the idea in which not only you will passionately believe but which would also lead many others throughout all the production steps.

Every day we get lots of homemade drink recipes with the query whether we could produce or bottle it. First thing what needs to be understood is that it is very hard to copy a homemade drink while …

7 Steps to Succeed with “Good for You” drinks

MyDrink Beverages have recently launched their first international brand of a functional health drink called HighVit.  As a product development company, we decided to share a couple of tips for entrepreneurs interested in the health drink market and planning to launch their own products soon. Take a look at these below and see if you have them written in bold on your board:

1)      Find a place your product …

For Sale: Concept of NapNock energy shot

NapNock is a drink concept which is developed by MyDrink Beverages. We are searching for beverage distributors, retailers or entrepreneurs who are interested to launch their energy shot product. Speed up your beverage development process and buy a full ready-made drink solution. Do not waste time for the development of your product!


To make the strongest energy shot for the EU market. It had to be safe …

Why do beverage entrepreneurs usually fail?

Do you know that 9 out of 10 beverage start-ups usually fail?

Market analysis. Why no one is doing any market analysis? Yes! Your drink can be “unique” and “original”, however, if there are no demand for it no one will buy it. It is worth investing time and money to get some knowledge whether there is a market for your unique product.

Unrealistic sales expectations. We suggest starting with …

How to outsource drink manufacturers companies?

There are plenty of reasons why companies are outsourcing their soft drinks manufacturer. For example, they do not have enough resources to launch new filling lines. Some of the factories decide to focus only on one type of product while they outsource the production of secondary products elsewhere. Entrepreneurs do not have enough resources to build a filling line, so they outsource the production while focusing only on marketing …

How to choose your beverage development company?

Starting a beverage company is a serious decision. You have to evaluate different aspects of beverage business. You have to know the process of product development, manufacturing, distribution and marketing/branding. However, in this article we will cover the main principles how to choose the best suitable beverage development company.

First of all, you have to understand that the process of beverage development is the second most important …

Private label bubble tea

Bubble tea is also know as pearl tea or boba tea. This type of drink became popular in Taiwan during 1980 – 1985. Usually bubble tea recipe is tea based and mixed with fruit or milk. Bubble teas contain tapioca balls, commonly called as “pears” or “boba”. Generally there are two types of bubble teas: fruit-flavored teas and milk teas. Because of the bobas there is a wide range of …