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Super!Natural energy drink

MyDrink Beverages introduces Super!Natural energy boost!

Reach for something new, something Super, something Natural – SUPER!NATURAL made from natural ingredients.

SUPER!NATURAL is a delicious energy drink made from natural juices. A fusion of real fruit juices and natural caffeine from green coffee beans and with no added sugar. It is a pure and honest source of natural energy. Check out their website

How to outsource drink manufacturers companies?

There are plenty of reasons why companies are outsourcing their soft drinks manufacturer. For example, they do not have enough resources to launch new filling lines. Some of the factories decide to focus only on one type of product while they outsource the production of secondary products elsewhere. Entrepreneurs do not have enough resources to build a filling line, so they outsource the production while focusing only on marketing …

Private label bubble tea

Bubble tea is also know as pearl tea or boba tea. This type of drink became popular in Taiwan during 1980 – 1985. Usually bubble tea recipe is tea based and mixed with fruit or milk. Bubble teas contain tapioca balls, commonly called as “pears” or “boba”. Generally there are two types of bubble teas: fruit-flavored teas and milk teas. Because of the bobas there is a wide range of …

TOP Functional beverage trends for 2013

Each year MyDrink Beverages team is making prognosis for next year’s trends and opportunities. Our specialization is beverages development and innovation. So our main target is to see the future of beverages industry. We do not hide it. We share this information. Here is what we see:

Drink for body It’s a huge list of drinks created specifically for bones, eyes, skin etc. . Although it is not a new …

Use professionals for your beverages development

A lot of people who are interested in beverages development services doesn’t understand how difficult and important this process is. This process is the corner stone of your success. Only the drink taste will make the costumer to buy your product for the second time! In this article we will summarize the whole process of beverages formula development.

First of all, what is your vision for your …

Production and Operation Management Services for Beverages Industry

We are beverages production management and beverages development company. Today we would like to talk more about our main service which is called production and operation management. We are happy to announce that MyDrink Beverages is the only one company in Europe which is offering high quality production and operation management for beverages industry. Our specialization is beverages, beverages development and beverages manufacturing. We know how, where, when to do …

Top 5 problems working directly with beverage manufacturers in Europe

Beverage production management is a hard task unless you have some experience and already know how beverage manufacturers are working. Here is a list of problems you will face working directly with the beverage manufacturers:

Minimum order quantity. Yes. It is the main problem. Basically it depends on the manufacturer in-house requirements, your relationship with him and your product type. Personal relationship with the drink manufacturers is the main requirement. …

Beverages Production Management services explained

Beverages Production Management


TURN-KEY Solutions

Turn-key refers to something that is ready for immediate use, generally used in the sale or supply of goods or services. This service enables our clients to save time and money for sourcing manufacturers, bottlers, packaging solutions providers by their self. We will provide a solution where, when and how to manufacture clients product at most cost effective price and quality. We do it faster …

Beverages development and production services in one place

Recently we received a lot of inquiries who were asking to explain what do we do and what kind of services do we provide. So I decided to explain this on our blog.

We are a private label beverages development company and we provide two main service which are beverages development and beverages production services.

Beverages Development Services We help our clients during the development of their …