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Latest Trends For Coffee Beverages

One of the most popular beverages in the world is coffee. Many people all over the globe wouldn’t think of starting the day without a cup. Whether it’s a mug of strong black coffee, a cup of espresso, a latte or a macchiatto, the most important ingredient is the same—coffee beans.

Coffee’s taste depends on its most important ingredient. Types of coffee beans include Robusta and …

Thoughts after the eBev Europe conference

Last week I had the pleasure of participating in the eBev Europe conference. It was the first event organized in Europe as these events have mainly taken place in the USA. The main topic of the conference was digital disruption in the beverage industry.

And it was great! The key speakers were industry professionals who shared their brand stories and lessons learned. I made a short summary of the main …

Bitter Flavors In Alcoholic And Soft Drinks

Bitters have been well known for centuries, not only as a special type of alcohol, but also as a medicine that improves digestive activity. What makes bitters so special? A specific taste is formed with the help of special botanical extracts. These extracts might differ due to the origin of bitters and alcohol content.

One interesting fact is that after tasting bitters, flavor receptors send a …

Trends of herbal extracts for 2014

In past months it is becoming very trendy to develop drinks with an herbal base. People are trying to look into good old ideas from the new angle. For example in the field of iced teas new trend is naturally brewed teas, or trying to apply new or only in several areas of Europe known extracts. For example Mursala tea, also known as Sideritis Scardika, this is well known tea …

How to capitalize on beverage trends in 2013

Beverage industry trends are changing very fast and rapid. So, it is hard to keep on track in such a dynamic market. We decided to share our predictions for the future trends in beverage industry. What will be the most trendy drinks in 2013? How we can capitalize on those tendencies?

There are many different types of trend in beverage industry: sweeteners, aromas, top ingredients etc.

In our opinion, beverage …

Jumping into $1 Trillion worth Health Food Game

Huge potential in the Health and Wellness drink markets

As the global functional, organic, vitamin rich and other healthy foods markets are predicted to push through $1 trillion in less than 5 years time, businesses are more keen to grab a bite of this pie than ever. Consumer interest in preventing illness is snowballing. People are getting more educated and health awareness is increasing on daily basis.  Which makes it …

Top 10 most popular ingredients for energy drinks

Drinks industry is buzzing about functional beverages. Healthy drinks are one of the fastest growing categories in whole drinks field. Eye, heart, digestive, anti-aging and immune systems, are just a few of the alter blends. Concepts include tea drinks, functional waters and dairy drinks, energy and sports drinks. Still energy drinks are the most popular category. 

The speed of our life is increasing on daily basis. That is …

Innovative beverage concepts for 2013

MyDrink Beverages is sharing some of ours innovative beverage concepts for 2013. For more information and consultations contact us directly.


Key potential: : Ice tea is currently the most rapidly growing category in the soft drink business at the moment according to Euromonitor research in the Eastern and Western Europe. Entering the market with balanced differentiation could help to create brand recognition with comparably low investment.


TOP Functional beverage trends for 2013

Each year MyDrink Beverages team is making prognosis for next year’s trends and opportunities. Our specialization is beverages development and innovation. So our main target is to see the future of beverages industry. We do not hide it. We share this information. Here is what we see:

Drink for body It’s a huge list of drinks created specifically for bones, eyes, skin etc. . Although it is not a new …