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Bitter Flavors In Alcoholic And Soft Drinks

Bitters have been well known for centuries, not only as a special type of alcohol, but also as a medicine that improves digestive activity. What makes bitters so special? A specific taste is formed with the help of special botanical extracts. These extracts might differ due to the origin of bitters and alcohol content.

One interesting fact is that after tasting bitters, flavor receptors send a …

Innovative beverage concepts for 2013

MyDrink Beverages is sharing some of ours innovative beverage concepts for 2013. For more information and consultations contact us directly.


Key potential: : Ice tea is currently the most rapidly growing category in the soft drink business at the moment according to Euromonitor research in the Eastern and Western Europe. Entering the market with balanced differentiation could help to create brand recognition with comparably low investment.