Weight Management

One of the most common lifestyle diseases these days is obesity. EUROSTAT study shows that the proportion of overweight and obese people in the adult population varies between 36.9% and 56.7% for women and between 51% and 69.3% for men.

Our aim is to develop functional beverage compounds to decrease the amount of lifestyle diseases. Market analysis shows that products which are targeted to weight management are an emerging trend among the consumers in Western Europe and Scandinavia.

weight.managementOur weight management beverage compound is developed to help to manage body weight, to reduce body fat particularly in overweight people, limit body fat accumulation, increase energy expenditure and much more.


    • Slim body (non-carbonated)
    • Diet water (non-carbonated)
    • Banana Slim (non-carbonated)
    • Carbo (carbonated)


Marketing claims


Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) help to manage body weight/ reduce body fat particularly in overweight people/ limits body fat accumulation/increase energy expenditure/increase satiety after a meal /increase energy expenditure by increasing the metabolic rate/helps with weight loss by increasing metabolic rate /tends to reduce body weight and fat in overweight people.

EGCG (Green tea extract, rich in EGCG): Helps to maintain and control weight/ Contributes to the reduction of body fat (115-300 mg EGCG per day).

L-carnitine: Contributes to increased fat oxidation (200 mg/day). Assist in burning fat faster and thus improves physical performance (300 mg/day).

Choline: Choline is needed for lipids metabolism. Choline improves body metabolism (Twice a day 202,6mg).



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Weight Management