Sustainable energy improvement

Since there is a constant demand to increase the amount of how much productivity and energy can be stored in a person, we present a healthy alternative to the traditional energy drink market. Improving overall energy capacity within human body together with a comfortable and immediate boost is the path to the future of energy drinks.

 natural-ingredientsEnergy drinks are currently being related to heart failure which is associated with lifestyle diseases. Even if consumers are becoming more health aware they are still being pushed to do more, do it faster and have a greater energy capacity. In order to balance the lifestyle and to prevent energy drink related health problems, consumers are now looking into healthier and more sustainable alternatives.


MyDrink developed a unique mixture of essential herbal extracts, vitamins and minerals with the focus to support sustainable energy improvement rather than get only a short term effect. Energy drink RTM compound has a long term health benefit combined with instant feeling of increased awareness.


    • Energy drink with high juice content (50% juice)
    • Energy drink 2 with high juice content (50% juice)



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Sustainable energy improvement