Cholesterol Balance

Too much or wrong a balance of cholesterol can cause dozens of serious health issues like coronary heart disease, heart attack or even a stroke.

Sadly, high cholesterol levels are becoming extremely vocal in contemporary society due to an unhealthy diet, pernicious way of living, alcohol, and tobacco consumption. It is happening despite the constantly improving Europeans’ nutrition and lifestyle awareness.

Cholesterol-1024x1024For this reason, we’ve decided to enrich regular juice mixtures concept adding the function to balance cholesterol levels. The mixture includes juices, green tea extract and agave inulin.

These ingredients not only naturally lower the count of “bad” (LTL) cholesterol, but also maintains the levels of “good” (HDL) cholesterol levels.


    • Cholesterol balance (40% juice)
    • Cholesterol balance (27.5% juice)


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Cholesterol Balance