Cardiovascular Health

MyDrink Beverages focuses on preventing and fighting against lifestyle diseases from which the substantial part is consisting of heart related problems. However, all of the diseases can be prevented by balancing the nutrition and supporting cardiovascular system health. Combination of super fruit that were known for their positive effects on heart for thousands of years and nutrients that are scientifically proven to lead to the development of effective and brilliant beverages.


Improvement of heart health is an attractive function for the consumers as taking care of cardiovascular health is one of the major publicly discussed problems in modern society. Each year cardiovascular disease causes over 4 million deaths in Europe, over 1.9 million of them in the European Union  (study link).


We have managed to develop a ready-to-market compound which gives a positive effect to cardiovascular system. Recipe is optimized and tested according to the latest consumer reports in Europe. We use only EFSA approved ingredients with legitimate marketing claims.


    • Cardio-drink (non-carbonated)
    • Heart health (25%-40% juice) (non-carbonated)
    • Sea buckthorn shot with omega-3 (50% juice) (non-carbonated)



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Cardiovascular Health