Liqueurs are made from distilled spirit with some added flavor. They are labeled as an alcoholic beverage. Typically, liqueurs have lower alcohol volume and are more coloured than spirits. For sensational taste, liqueurs can be flavored with nuts, herbal extracts, cream, fruit and spices. Also, to add variety for sweeter taste, mixture can be enrich with flowers extracts, sugar and other sweeteners.

LiqueursLiqueurs don’t have to aged for long after the ingredients are mixed. Even though lot of people are mixing liqueurs with liquors, the difference is that liqueurs are much more sweeter. Our job is to make liqueurs mixture so irresistible to consumers, that they would never have a doubt which liqueur brand should they choose. MyDrink Beverage professionals has necessary experience in this field and would be happy to help you out with the development of you liqueur drink.

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