Private label bottled water

MyDrink Beverages is working with more than 30 private label bottled water producers in Europe. We have a wide list of producers who can help you with any kind packaging. Private label water is bottled in PET, glass or tetra pack. Packaging size can vary starting from 300 ml to 2Liters. There is wide solution list for your private label water.

Our bottled water meet all the requirements for a product that can be recommended for healthy nutrition: it has medium mineralization and contains a little more calcium, magnesium and sulphates. It also contains a sufficient quantity of natrium, chlorine, potassium, fluorine, and hydrocarbonates. These substances reduce irritability, insomnia, headaches, heart disorders, and the amount of cholesterol in the blood. They also help the body to excrete a large amount of noxious substances.

Useful for digestion

Private label bottled water contains various mineral substances and microelements that prevent digestion disorders. It plays a major role for the structure and functioning of proteins, lipids, nucleic acids and the membranes of cells. Natural mineral water has a large amount of sulphate ions which stimulate digestion and intestine activity and are extremely useful for people suffering from digestive disorders.

Good for adults and children

Water is especially recommended for elderly people, who need more calcium, and women during pregnancy and when the menopause begins. Natural mineral water is also recommended for the health of children, adults and those who are engaged in sports or suffer from various diseases.

Source of mineral substances

Natural mineral water not only quenches a thirst and improves intestinal activity, but it also provides the body with the most necessary natural mineral substances that have been balanced by nature, i.e., calcium, which strengthens bones, magnesium, which is useful for the heart, and sulphates, which aid metabolism and digestion.

Private label bottled water