Private label vodka drinks

Recently we are seeing an increasing trend of customers who are interested in private label vodka drinks. Alcohol industry is a bit different comparing to soft-drink industry. There are different requirements and different standards. Alcohol distilleries has to be trustful, respected and quality oriented.

MyDrink Beverages is working with largest Russia and Eastern Europe alcohol distilleries which are offering only the highest quality alcohol ingredients and bottling solutions. Our team will assist you through every step needed to bring the spirit to market including labeling, formula approvals, packaging and more. We are dedicated for our clients to take care of the production of private label alcohol beverages while they can work on marketing and sales. We bring know-how, supply chain management solutions, highest quality management services and mostly experience in drinks industry.

Private label vodka, gin, flavored vodka, ready-to-drink cocktails, tequila drinks, rum drinks, low calorie alcoholic drinks or any distilled specialty spirit for those who seek to own a distilled spirit brand. Contact us for more information about private label vodka drinks.

Author - Adomas Pranevičius

Adomas Pranevicius is the co-founder and CEO of MyDrink Beverages, a premier supplier of functional ingredient solutions to beverage industry . Adomas specializes in beverage concept development, start-up beverage projects, business development and brand building. During his career he co-founded NapNock energy shot, Dragoon vitamin drink, HighVit functional vitamin drinks and Simply Umai beauty drink. He enjoys developing new beverage concepts and generating marketing ideas for them. Currently he is focusing on international expansion of MyDrink Beverages. Adomas is also writing a blog about latest beverage trends and innovations. His insights and ideas have been quoted in, Soft Drinks International, Beverage World and other media sources.

  • Greg

    Hi. I would like to get a custom vodka run with private labeling pricing and quantities information.

    Thank you,


    • Adomas Pranevičius

      Hi Greg, thanks for the interest! We will contact you directly very shortly.