Super!Natural delicious and natural drink



Beverage Start-up



The Challenge

The main idea was to have a 100% natural energy drink with a unique taste. Our mission was to develop and produce a natural energy drink without any evil inside. We had to lead our client through the whole production management process.  Our main goal was to make sure the drink was tasty but still fulfill its main function.


Our solution was reached by mixing unusual combinations of fruit, such as watermelon and blueberries. For the acidity regulation, tartaric acid was used in order to get a more interesting flavor and to have a naturally fermented acidity regulator.

The Result

We also helped develop a unique natural formula, the TURNKEY Beverage Production Set-up solution. Since they are a beverage Start-up Company, MyDrink Beverages also helped with full production management services for the daily operations. The final result was packaged into 250ml printed cans.

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