North Wine and Spirits Alcoholic Cocktails



Beverage industry start-up, North Wine & Spirits was founded by two entrepreneurs.



The Challenge

Our task was to develop a portfolio of delicious, premium priced alcoholic cocktails for the Scandinavian market. The challenge was to create a low kcal alcoholic drink. It was supposed to be a hard project because the final taste needed to be as natural as possible.


We used natural raw materials for the final taste. Even though the alcohol level is quite high due to the formulation, the cocktail does not feel stronger than normal alcopops. To fulfil market demand we created two delicious cocktail drinks.

The Result

The final result included two different alcoholic cocktails with 12% vol. in 700 ml glass bottles. White Raspberry Mojito is filled with fresh raspberry, mint, and a splash of lemon. White Blueberry Cosmo is a luscious cocktail with a fresh blueberry taste and a splash of lemon.

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Success Story

North Wine & Spirits Success Story.


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