Herbal extracts


Herbal extracts was well known already thousands years ago by our ancestors. Among the advantages of herbal extracts are their ability to preserve the active constituents, ease of use and their long shelf life. Nowadays, when the demand for healthy and natural products is rising, herbal extracts are one of the most popular ingredients to use in healthy functional beverages.

Herbal extracts that we are using in our beverage development laboratory are being created by special know-how technology which is preserving all active ingredients, contained in the plants without affecting flavor and taste in a final drink. Herbal extract may vary according your request and required function in a drink.

Over the course of our history, MyDrink has built and impressive portfolio of herbal extracts. We are proud to offer our clients wide range of herbal extracts for their drinks. Our professional beverage technologists are consulting our clients how to optimize their recipes by using the correct dosage of herbal extracts.

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Herbal extracts