MyDrink was established at 2008. We set out to build a company that focused solely on delivering highest quality solutions for beverage industry. We knew what we want to do. Our main goal was to create value for our customers by taking care of technical details of their beverage projects while enable them to focus on marketing and sales. We have already participated in more than 200 various beverage development projects and helped to launch various beverage brands all over the world. Throughout this time we managed to gather a professional team of beverage scientists and production managers. We established our in-house laboratory where we develop unique beverages for our clients. With the help of our international partners we expanded our operations throughout Europe, Middle-East and Asia.



JSC “European Sources” was established as a drinks distributor for Baltic region. Additionally, we started selling private label beverages in Baltic region.



MyDrink Beverages brand was registered (Europe Union)
Launch of www.mydrinkbeverages.com website
Client base expansion in UK
Leaders of HoReCa sector in Baltic region for private label beverages



New projects in France, Germany, Norway
Launch of NapNock energy shot (our first brand)
Started to offer Production Management services



Participated for the first in Food and Beverages exhibition in London (IFE 2011)
Started to offer Beverage Development services
Opened our Sales office in Denmark
Started trading of raw materials for beverage industry



Established in-house beverage testing and development laboratory
Started to build professional Food Scientist team
Developed the portfolio of unique beverages and called it MyDrink Innovations



Introduced Ready-To-Market Concepts
Participated in 9th Global Beverages Congress in Warsaw
Participated in Innovation in Non-Alcohol Beverages Congress in London
Opened our Sales office in United Kingdom



Participated in Executing Shopper Insights Conference in London
Became members of London Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Organizing first beverage Accelerator in Europe DrinkPreneur Live 2014
Introduced Construction Management services
Opened MyDrink India operations