Manufacturing process

How to optimize your drink manufacturing process?

Manufacturing process

Outsourcing is a convenient method of production without additional investment in new plant or filling line. This type of beverage manufacturing process is useful because:

•             A new beverage can be put on the market without any additional investment in the plant to make the filling line be capable to fill the required drink or even to build a completely filling line.

•             Production in an existing plant can be handled quicker and more efficient than the time you will need to purchase and install new manufacturing equipment’s. It might take even up to 18 months.

•             If the factory is already working, but you it is already making the maximum capacity or it has lack of expansion possibilities that the outsourced manufacturer is also a solution, at least for a short term.

•             A manufacturer may for commercial reasons want to supply a range of packaging but lacks the capability in-house to do them all. Small production volumes may never justify capital investment but can be outsourced.

Contract packaging is often a great option and is widely used in soft drinks industry. Some factories are built just for contract manufacturing; they do not have their own brand, just working for other clients, retailers or manufacturers. They do operate usually not that quick, but the most important thing in a beginning is flexibility.  Especially the first production is always a little bit more complicated. There might be some small details that were forgotten or those issues might appear because of different working specialties in different factories. So for the first production we are offering our help to manage all the unexpected issues that are appearing usually in the last moments.

Usually for SME’s and entrepreneurs is very hard to optimize their drinks manufacturing processes because of lack of knowledge and experience. That is why we are offering our Production Management services to our clients. Don’t waste your time and money for things you don’t understand. Hire professionals to do that. We enable our clients to focus on marketing and sales while we do the technical stuff. Just forget about it.

Manufacturing process