Beverage Testing Laboratory

Our independent beverage testing laboratory helps beverage manufacturers and brand owners to test their product quality. We help our clients with microbiology analysis, nutritional analysis and various food chemistry analysis. These tests can be done both for ready-to-drink products and separate raw materials.

beverage testing laboratory


    • Ash content identification in beverages
    • Caffeine content measurement in beverages
    • Kcal and kJ measurement
    • Full nutritional survey in accordance to food regulation (EU) No 1169/2011
    • Fat determination in beverages
    • Fatty acids in drinks
    • Microbiology research of beverages (Aerobic Plate Count setting; Determination of anaerobic plates; Micro cultural identification drinks; Yeast and mold determination drinks)
    • Calcium and Iron determination
    • Shelf life testing
    • The alcoholic content evaluation in beverages
    • Salt content determination in beverages
    • Determination of protein content in beverages
    • Wine acidity determination
    • The wine alcohol content measurement
    • Wine-color investigation
    • The sugar content in wine

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Beverage Testing Laboratory