Beverage Development Consultants

Got an idea for a new beverage? With our market-leading expertise and beverage development know-how, MyDrink can deliver your idea from innovative concept all the way through to cost-effective production of a new, private-label beverage.

We help you bring better products to market.

Our team of more than 15 experienced specialists can work with you at each stage of the beverage development process to create the best possible concept and recipe for your new drink:

Concept Development

Here we take the basic idea for your drink and develop it into a full, market-ready concept. During this process, we:

    • Identify your key needs and requirements for the beverage
    • Project figures for pricing targets, production quantities and terms (we do this in consultation with our experts in production management and beverage development)
    • Develop a range of potential concepts for your drink, based on brainstorming sessions with our experts
    • Work together with you to identify and develop the best concept for your drink


Recipe Development

Once the concept has been confirmed, our team of beverage scientists at our in-house laboratory get to work on developing the recipe and producing a prototype for your drink. During this process, we:

    • Perform a price analysis, source ingredients, identify cost reduction opportunities, carry out product analysis
    • Develop an initial prototype, perform laboratory stability testing, reformulate as necessary, optimise the formula and deliver samples for testing and review
    • Produce a final, realistic product offer with end price of product ingredients and compound cost

MyDrink also offers a full range of Production Management services.

Interested in finding out more?

Contact us by calling our headoffice on +44 20 7193 8664 . For a full quote, or to find out more about how MyDrink Beverages can help you to develop your new beverage, contact us via the online form or get in touch directly.


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Beverage Development Consultants