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How to Adjust to Alcohol Beverage Industry Trends?

In 2016 alcoholic beverage worldwide consumption dropped first time in 15 years (US market was one of exception) due higher taxation, aging population, high youth unemployment in some key markets and some other local issues. In order to succeed in overcrowded market, now more than ever, it’s very important for the producers to feel the market, understand consumers and predict what’s next “big thing”.

The whole …

Top Venture Capital Funds for Food and Beverage Industry

For those who are struggling to find venture capital funds who are investing in Food and Beverage industry we prepared a small list. Yes, it’s not a full global list of Food and Beverage VCs. Please drop us a comment if you think we should add something in to this list. I hope it will grow organically!


1. First …

Important Hints for Successful Beverage Development Project

It is a challenge to start your own beverage development project. MyDrink team knows how challenging and tough it can be. In order to help you out, last Thursday we held our first live webinar. In case, you did not have enough time or just did not knew about it, we wanna share with you a record of our webinar.

During this webinar you will learn:

5 Steps to Smarter Beverage Marketing Budget

Every business owner wants to be sure each dollar they invested into marketing (or anything else for that matter), brings the highest return possible. As usual it’s easier said than done, so let’s look into some of the ways that lead to smarter allocation of your marketing money.

1. Know your goals

As simple as this may sound, many businesses fail to have a …

New Opportunities For Weight Management Beverages

Jogging, fitness, yoga – active lifestyle is getting more and more popular. After long hours in the office in from of the computer number of people is recovering in the gym. This trend is being noticed in beverage industry as well.

Such products as Celsius™ contains natural functional ingredients as Green Tea Extract, Guarana, Ginger Root . Other drinks with L- carnitine or BCAA are showing that this sector is …

A clean label approach for your next beverage development

One of the Key trends in 2015 is a clean label beverage – beverages with no artificial ingredients. This trend in noticed already since 2010, but lately interest in it increasing significantly.

Recently distributors, retailers are getting more and more focused on product label and this is obvious, cause consumers are paying to it more and more attention and clear label is a huge value which is helping to sell …

What lies ahead for coconut water brands?

The coconut water which was once considered waste had a huge demand worldwide. As it comes out, coconut water owned its place for many beneficial chemical and organoleptic properties. Coconut water is a clear liquid inside young green coconuts. Its major fraction is water (approx. 95%) followed by natural sugars (sucrose, sorbitol, glucose, fructose), minerals (3% RDA of calcium and magnesium), amino acids and vitamins. Moreover, fat and cholesterol free, …

The future of beverage industry is online

Total groceries sales in USA for 2013 was $600 billion worth. While online groceries market size was less than 1% which is less than $6 billion (Source Business Insider). Seems quite a small number. While in Europe at 2012 largest markets for online groceries divided accordingly: UK €7.1 billion, France €5 billion, Germany €1.1 billion and Netherlands (Source IGD).

However, things are changing dramatically at the moment in food and …

How to choose right contract manufacturer for your product?

The decision of partnership with which contract manufacturer to work with can be a tough one. In fact it can play the key role of success or failure. So what you should know before choosing your beverage contract manufacturer?

I always advise not to start analysis of contract manufacturers without not know what type of product you want to produce. When you know your technological requirements and financial capabilities then …

Private label liquid water enhancers

Last year I wrote an article Liquid Water Enhancers in Europe. Is it a trend or a fad? At the beginning of the year we saw that large corporations started to launch their liquid water enhancers’ brands. Currently this market is almost burning as a lot of companies are searching for a solution to launch their private label water enhancer.

At the same time we were actively …