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Unique Soft Drink Development – Cinnamora experience

A huge variety of different beverage products reach the market every year. Some of them are copies of well-known products, while others are unique products, but all are created to attract a target market. MyDrink Beverages sure had some memorable projects regarding the unique qualities of their created products. One such product was a cinnamon soft drink called Cinnamora. Today, I have a pleasure to talk to Mr. …

Alcohol Beverage Development – North Wine & Spirits Experience

We are working with various beverage consulting projects globally, however, sometimes we forget to ask our clients what they learn during the development stages of their products. Today I’m speaking with Founder and Co-Owner of North Wine & Spirits Renate Nikolaisen about their beverage development project of natural alcohol cocktails.

Can you tell us more how did you come up with an idea to start beverage business? Did you …