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Bitter Flavors In Alcoholic And Soft Drinks

Bitters have been well known for centuries, not only as a special type of alcohol, but also as a medicine that improves digestive activity. What makes bitters so special? A specific taste is formed with the help of special botanical extracts. These extracts might differ due to the origin of bitters and alcohol content.

One interesting fact is that after tasting bitters, flavor receptors send a …

Most Popular Natural Sweeteners For Healthy Beverages

Nowadays sugar is considered as a white death or poison. However it is a good way to improve beverage taste, mouth feel and to get some energy. There are ways to overcome these issues. Below you will find a number of natural sweeteners which might become a good alternative for your sugar in your drink.

But first – what makes sugar so bad? Glycemic index is …

6 Functional Benefits Of Chia Seeds

Recently, there seems to be more and more beverages containing Chia seeds (Salvia Hispanica). One reason for the popularity of  this unique-looking product is that these seeds are loaded with various functional properties.

1. Non-caloric and loaded with nutrients

Chia seeds are an ancient super food that has been used by the Mayans, Aztecs and Incas. Chia seeds are a complete source of protein. They have …

Let’s develop a drink – Olympic game winner for Brazil 2016

The Summer Olympic Games in 2016 will be held in Rio, Brazil, and there is a great possibility to launch a Brazilian drink with the help of the Olympics.

The rain forests of Brazil are full of various tropical fruits and herbs that are well identified with this country. Creating natural trending beverages with functional ingredients from Brazil will make a double explosion in the market …

Alcoholic beverage development based on starchy materials

Many alcoholic beverages are based on material containing starch. Enzymes break down starch into glucose molecules through fermentation, which is then converted into ethanol. Fermentation can be divided into two stages:

First stage—a small concentration of ethanol is produced, since enzymes are sensitive to the pH level, temperature and alcohol concentration.

Second stage—this is usually needed to increase the ethanol concentration; it is called distillation.

Fermented …

Liquid Snacks – New Opportunity in Beverage Industry

Multifunctional food is getting more and more popular. This is most probably  due to the continuing trends toward healthy lifestyles. Sports drinks, for example, have lately been fortified not only with minerals and vitamins, but collagen as well. Such types of products can be referred to as multifunctional drinks – serving the function of both beauty and sports drinks.

Another type of multifunctional beverage is a …

Flavoring ideas for your alcohol beverage development

Nowadays everywhere we are looking for innovations, the food and beverage industry is not an exception. We are trying new conception mixtures and flavorings to diversify the existing ration of drinks and food. Alcohol industry also tries new possible varieties of flavors to increase the customer base. As we know women are not the target market when it comes to pure alcoholic drinks, so manufacturers are searching for …