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Thoughts after the eBev Europe conference

Last week I had the pleasure of participating in the eBev Europe conference. It was the first event organized in Europe as these events have mainly taken place in the USA. The main topic of the conference was digital disruption in the beverage industry.

And it was great! The key speakers were industry professionals who shared their brand stories and lessons learned. I made a short summary of the main …

Global New Beverage Products Marketplace

For the last two years we were developing platform from the scratch. We interviewed many startups, shared articles that our contributors wrote and organized DrinkPreneur events. The idea of drinkpreneur platform was to create a community of beverage entrepreneurs who share their insights and inspire each other. I am very excited to see that our community is growing on daily basis. For the moment we have …

Report: The New Era of Sports Drinks

For the last 4 months our market research team was working to prepare our first market report about sports drinks. Today I’m very happy to introduce this to our blog readers. Before introducing this report we think it’s very important to explain why we are doing this. There are two main reasons:


Report covers main trends shaping the sports drinks category, marketing approaches that selected …

TOP 10 Beverage trends for 2016: from protein drinks to herbal sodas

As the change of a calendar is coming we suggest to start preparing for the spring of 2016. For the next high season of the beverage industry we would like to exclude following biggest trends.

PROTEIN drinks. Rising interest of protein ingredients has an impact on the market already, although next year of 2016 should be booming with functional protein drinks. This is due …

Pilot Plant – Small Scale Bottling

Starting a new business can be difficult, especially, when it comes to releasing new product to the market. Beverage industry is full of different beverages variety. It is really challenging to predict the success of your product. Due to these reasons, product analysis on its consumers can save a lot of money and time, in case the product would be rejected by the target market.

Benefits of Pilot Plants

New Opportunities in Herbal and Spiced Infused Beverages

Herbal trends in beverage industry were growing for the past several years. The main reason of using these raw materials is functionality. Although only a very small amount of herbs has proved health claims, extract are becoming more and more common part of the beverage recipes. A good thing about natural extracts is that consumers are familiar with certain herbs and they do not need to be educated …

Growing trend in alcohol industry – beer cocktails

What is it?

Summer has ended but beer cocktails are still on the road. So what is the beer cocktail? Beer cocktail – is a drink which is produced from the beer by mixing it with juices, fruit syrups, soft drinks or with bitters and adding flavorings. This kind of mixture is also called shandy. To improve shandies colouring agents could be added and to upgrade the taste …

Beverage Industry Trends 2016 That Were Seen in Lunch

On the 24th of September Lunch exhibition took part in the design business center in London. The exhibition was much smaller than the biggest ones SIAL or Anuga. Keeping in mind the size of it, the number of exhibitors from beverage industry was really high. This was a great chance to check on what is happening in the market and to see most popular beverage trends for 2016.

Event for Beverage Entrepreneurs: DrinkPreneur Live 2015

I cannot believe that one year already passed after our first DrinkPreneur Live event in London. Guess what? We are gearing ourselves for second DrinkPreneur Live!

For those who doesn’t know anything about this event… DrinkPreneur Live is Europe’s only business accelerator forum for new beverage brands. This unique one day event and concept development workshop will enable new beverage brands to meet with industry experts, advisers and mentors …

Whey protein processing and application to beverages

Growing concern over pollution, environmental control and recycling lead to investigations of whey possible usage. A history upon whey is that in cheese production for each vat of milk almost 90% of the volume is left unused, called whey and only cheese curds are further used for cheese manufacture. Whey is treat as a disposal waste either fed to animals or dumped in to lakes. However, as technologies and innovations …