About Us

MyDrink is a premier beverage development company. We are your one stop source for your beverage project.

We enable our clients to turn their ideas into reality.

MyDrink Beverages technical experience and know-how will empower you to speed up your beverage product development process. Our professional staff will guide you through all processes of beverage development. You will be able to focus on marketing and sales while we do the rest.

MyDrink Beverages team consists of experts in the fields of beverage science, product development, production management, market research and marketing. We are involved in every stage of product development till it is ready to use for a consumer. It is fresh and innovative approach in beverage industry.




Value we bring

Formulation and Ingredients
Beverage industry trends are in our blood. With our help you will develop products which will win the hearts and minds of the consumers.

Contract Manufacturing
Our main objective is to produce a drink of the right quality, right quantity, at the right time and at the minimum cost.

Construction Management
Engineering, architecture and the entire project designing for beverages plants.

Beverage Consulting Services
You will understand how beverage industry really works. Think of MyDrink as a reliable partner who helps to grow your beverage business


Organizers of Events

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Members Of

London Chamber of Commerce and Industry